SPRINTlogofinThe kick-off meeting of the SPRINT project was held on 23-24 June 2015 at the London School of Economics premises.  The two-day consortium meeting marked the official launch of the project and its main objective was to confirm the project plan of SPRINT and to define the first steps of the project implementation.  The kick-off meeting was attended by a research team of 12 European organizations and the project officer from the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, bringing together different disciplines such as social policy, economic analysis, social law, impact assessment and social economy.

The discussions focused on how the proposed methodological approach could address most effectively the key research questions of SPRINT. In particular, the participants discussed in detail the concept of social investment as it is applied in the field of long-term care, the tasks of the different work packages, the specific roles of the project partners, the administrative and management procedures as well as the dissemination strategy.  The findings from this meeting helped to shape the research agenda and to achieve a common understanding of the key challenges and requirements of SPRINT.