The book on Long-Term Care for the Elderly in Europe is  already published in 2017 by Routledge.

A scientific work carried out mainly by SPRINT project partners.

SPRINT project is mentioned in the foreword.


Long-term Care for the Elderly in Europe

Development and Prospects

Chapter 1. Long-term care – what is it about (Bent Greve)

Chapter 2. Long-term care for the elderly in Hungary (Róbert I. Gál)

Chapter 3. Long-term care – challenges and perspective (Virginija Poškutė)

Chapter 4. Long-Term Care for the Elderly in Poland (Zofia Czepulis-Rutkowska)

Chapter 5. LTC in Portugal: quasi-privatization of a dual system of care (Alexandra Lopes)

Chapter 6. Long-term care in Italy (Emmanuele Pavolini, Costanzo Ranci and Giovanni Lamura)

Chapter 7. Greece: Forced transformation in a deep crisis (Platon Tinios)

Chapter 8. Long-term care and austerity in the UK- a growing crisis (Caroline Glendinning)

Chapter 9. Paradoxical decisions in German long-term care: Expansion of benefits as cost-containment strategy (Margitta Mätzke, Tobias Wiß)

Chapter 10. Long-term care expenditures in Finland (Ismo Linnosmaa and Lien Nguyen)

Chapter 11. Long-term care in Denmark – with an eye to the other Nordic welfare states (Bent Greve)

Chapter 12. Some concluding reflections (Bent Greve)