Research in SPRINT attempts to elucidate how long term care can be located within the concept of social investment by analysing the characteristics and the legal context of its provision and resourcing in the EU countries. Furthermore, the research activities will focus on the development of methods and tools for assessing the wider social and cost implications of current approaches to LTC provision. The research outcomes will contribute to the formulation of policy recommendations on the application of different forms of resourcing LTC provision that indicate how long-term care might be delivered in a way that is both efficient and effective.

The SPRINT project is funded by the European Commission and we are committed to disseminating our work throughout the life of the project. Our SPRINT Working Papers series shares peer-reviewed findings from the project to make recent work and work-in-progress available to a wider audience. – The research team welcome feedback from policy makers, academics and interested organisations on these Papers and the conceptual and analytical work underway in SPRINT.

Literature related to SPRINT project work