• To design specialized tools and products (i.e. a highly innovative Feasibility Framework Tool for Investing in LTC, an assessment scale, a Social Impact Map) for the valuation of social investments as a precondition for the allocation of public resources to LTC programmes that have high potential social impact or to support LTC initiatives that demonstrate a measurable return on investment.
  • To develop policy guidelines to give advice to policy makers, care providers, researchers, social entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on how to support LTC through social investment approaches.


  Feasibility Framework Tool for Social Investment (draft)

  Towards an Assessment Scale for Informing State-investments in Long-Term Care (draft)

   Development of an Impact Map of Social Investment in LTC (draft)

                                              A guide to assessing Impact of Investment in Long-Term Care (EN)

                                              Um guia para avaliação de impactos (PT)

  Policy Guidelines for Social Investment in Long-Term Care (draft)