The SPRINT project team has established a vocabulary (glossary) of key terms and concepts often used in the discussion about investment in Long-Term Care.  In order to solicit the views of all stakeholders, including social policy experts, care providers, beneficiaries and other actors in the fields of LTC and social policy that can encourage the uptake of new forms of LTC resourcing, an open wiki-based stakeholder engagement consultation, is currently up and running in the Sprint website:

The purpose of the glossary is to facilitate efficient communication between researchers, LTC practitioners and policy makers by providing definitions and explanations of key terms regarding the resourcing of long-term care and the assessment of social investments that arise in the normative analysis. Moreover, the glossary aims to elucidate the fundamental concepts, allowing for greater understanding of the social investment notion by all stakeholders.


The first phase of the consultation will be open from 1 June 2016 until 30 September 2016.

Who should be involved?

The consultation on SPRINT project vocabulary ( is open to all interested stakeholders in the research community, the social care sector, including social enterprises and local authorities and in the design of social policies, as well as to all interested citizens, who would like to share their views on relevant definitions and concepts for social investment. International partners are also invited to contribute.

Your input and ideas are important to us!

Protection of personal data

For transparency purposes, all responses to the present consultation will be made public in the

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