The conference on “Social investment in affordable and quality long-term care. Theory, challenges and applications” will take place on the 30th of October 2018, in Brussels.

The SPRINT consortium is inviting policy makers, researchers, care providers and other key stakeholders, to discuss the challenges associated with the application of the concept of social investment to the provision and resourcing of long-term care   .

The EU faces a major challenge: How can it deliver the new social right to affordable long-term care of good quality as its working-age population shrinks and the share of those of retirement age expands? Long-term care is a long-term issue: Eurostat projects that by 2080 those aged 65 and older will account for 29.1% of the population (compared with 19.2% now) and the share of those aged 80 and older will more than double (from 5.4% to 12.7%).

Social investment has been a strategic policy response to new social risks. What does this approach have to offer for tackling this challenge?

The SPRINT research project was funded by the European Commission to explore the application of the concept of social investment to the challenge of long-term care provision. At this event SPRINT partners, together with policy-makers, other leading researchers, and social investment specialists will offer

  • Policy perspectives
  • Research findings
  • Analytical tools
  • Innovative approaches to social finance

This is an opportunity to hear and share new ideas and to network with others interested in this issue.

More information will come shortly, but be sure to block your agendas today!